11 Aug 2018

Getting connected at Working Class Wednesday

By Stephanie Jenkins | Staff Reporter
On August 1, 2018

Working Class Wednesday, an event that aims to bridge the gaps between local businesses, leadership and the community, held its ultimate networking experience last week at Prive Lounge.

Terrance L. Barber, founder and CEO of Working Class Wednesday, believes that this event was necessary for the local community.

“My goal has been to merge the local economy and local businesses with the local community,” he said.

Business and politics was the special edition for this evening event focusing on small businesses and local candidates who are running for office.

Cydnee Brown, candidate for Leon County Judge Seat 3, discussed the importance of knowing who the judges are when voting.

“So many people when they go to vote they never know who the judges are on the ballot. I get people as an attorney, every election cycle people are calling me, emailing me, texting me, who are we voting for because they don’t know the judges,” she said.

Through many trials and tribulations, Brown’s experiences have led her to vie for a position as a judge in the county court.

“A county court is considered a people’s court. A lot of people come there and don’t even have attorneys. As a county court judge, you need a people’s judge. Someone that comes from among the constituency that they’re serving, and that’s what I am. So who better to sit and hear people’s causes than someone that’s been where they been through.”

Carrie Litherland, a 25-year-old single mom who is running for mayor, says it is time to….. click here to continue reading

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